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It is a full voice game using the machine voice "VOICEROID"

A work depicting one day's work of the psychic master "Itako Tohoku"
Itako Tohoku uses ghosts to solve mysteries
A short horror comedy that can be completed in 30 minutes to 1 hour.
-VR support, you can play in an environment like a virtual 3D TV
- You can change into multiple costumes
-Native support for Xbox controllers, other than that
- Native supports multiple languages in Japanese and machine translation

Registered for electronic data sales in accordance with Tohoku Zunko license




Updated 17 days ago
Tags3D, Comedy, Cute, Horror, Virtual Reality (VR)


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I peed my pants with laughter at the translation, it makes this game. It is otherwise a very competent game lul

Finally got around to play it, the translation is so broken but the game itself is hilarious! I'd like to see more of this project.

I played through this to completion (anyone who needs assistance, this video should be a good resource). Fair warning, I do get more negative than I would like out frustration but looking back (and even in video) I reflect that I do like a lot about it, but the translation makes some puzzles really hard to solve. I would highly recommend (at least on the English side) going in and maybe rewriting them. Very, very broken English (as someone who loves broken English, it generally can come off as "cute").

With all that being said, the further I have distanced myself from the game, the happier I am about completing it. I really did love the characters and the humor was impactful at spots (especially the ending).

I'll keep an eye on future games, but thank you for making this.

this game is great.srry i got some sync issues so this is all i got :c

Thank you for this game!

The game was good. There were some issues with translation, and other things. But the characters were adorable and atmosphere was good!

Keep it up, I would love to play it.

psychic master?

so the creator is insane? cool.

Awesome game, I loved it! Made me laugh and I'm genuinly pleased. Thank you to the developer!

Thank you for playing!

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thank you for playing!

Really well done, funny and cute with some decent scares throughout, with some interesting character. The translations do need some work though, as most of them are undecipherable gibberish.

Thank you for playing!

The accuracy of machine translation is my problem.
However, I don't want to spend as much time as possible, so I'm thinking of developing a game that doesn't depend much on language.


Thank you for playing!